Individual Tutoring

Logan Murray is available for one on one tutoring with individual performers.


Many stand-upscomedy magicians, comperes and people who have to deliver a best man speech have all taken advantage of individual tutelage over the past five years.

  • Run through and improve new material.
  • Develop performance skills, explore joke forms and exercise those comedy muscles in a warm and supportive atmosphere. 
  • Brush up for competitions or just expand your repertoire.

Students who have benefited from Logan’s tutoring have commented on how supportive he is: helping them develop their own voice, and suggesting ways of unlocking the subject matter they want to address.

If you are looking for ways of transforming an individual gag into a multiple punch line routine, then Logan Murray can help.

His philosophy, in a nutshell, is that there are no bad ideas, just underdeveloped ones!

Group Tutoring

Having directed several sketch groups including ‘We Are Klang’ ‘Live at the Mausoleum’ and ‘Men with Bananas’, Logan is perhaps uniquely placed to offer a helping hand to groups and double acts who want to improve their craft.