A fiveweek long comedy performance and writing workshop, designed to enhance your performance and generate new material. Fine tune and generate new content with other working comedians in a friendly supportive atmosphere.

(UPDATE: Full up, I'm afraid! Hope to run another one early next year. Watch this space...)


October 27th to 29th: 



Discover how our brains are hardwired for humour and how easy it is to access the comic part of your brain.

What could be more energising and empowering than spending a weekend being creative, developing your comedy technique, uncovering your unique comic voice and- most importantly - making other people laugh like drains?

Together, the group will explore different forms of humour writing and technique to help ignite your inner comic genius, formulate new ideas and to execute these ideas in novel and dynamic ways.

Through practical exercises, your comic voices will soon be flowing freely in a supportive workshop environment. Not only will you learn some tricks of the trade, you will also gain a greater awareness of the multitude of differing comic styles that the group manifest.

These comedy skills aren’t only for the professional comedian or the aspiring script writer; they are also a fantastic way to think outside of the box, hone your communication skills and increase your confidence in everyday life.

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(UPDATE: SOLD OUT! SORRY.... Will try to organise another one in the Spring of next year)


December 10th


Laugh your way to a happier, more creative you!

It has been proven that laughter eases stress, promotes social bonding, and lowers blood pressure. Laughter also boosts your immune system. So, let's get those endorphins flowing!

Spend a fun day with me and a like-minded group of idiots, as you all discover how easy it is to create laughter, and how wonderful that laughter feels. 

Learn to be more creative: liberate yourself from the tyranny of your every day self and unleash your inner idiot on the unsuspecting world!

Discover how to be to be a better communicator, a funnier performer, and a more relaxed, funny and playful individual. 

Come along and surprise yourself!

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November 26th and December 3rd


Perhaps the most important person on a comedy bill is the compere. A weak MC can destroy an otherwise strong line up - and a good MC can make a mediocre night brilliant.

A good comic isn't always a good compere, but a good compere usually becomes a brilliant comic: Eddie Izzard, Dominic Holland, Danny Kitson, Barry Fern and Maff Brown are all industry respected comics who exercised their comedy muscles on a weekly basis at the compering coal face. 

There is no better way to turbo- charge your development as a comedian!

Spend two days with Logan Murray as he gives you the benefit of his knowledge of over three decades of MC'ing events around the World. From dealing with 3,000 boisterous and/or hungover people at the Glastonbury Festival Comedy Tent to most of the major clubs in London, let him share with you the tricks he's discovered (and warn you about the mistakes he's made!).

The two days will be mainly taken up with a series of practical exercises and games designed to get you to interact better with crowds. 

It's all about spontaneity, interaction, listening to your audience and charming the pants off them. 

Compering is a wonderful, life-long skill in which there is always something new to learn - but why not hit the ground running by picking up a few tips and techniques that might speed up the process?

Places are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment!


Price: £150


Please feel free to get in touch for more information about any of these events.