In a very real sense, the director serves an interpretive role. Logan's philosophy is that the writer’s vision comes first: the director only is there to facilitate that vision. It’s the writers' show: their creation. The director should be making the creator’s job easier. With over twenty years of performance experience and a Master’s Degree in Performance Art, Logan Murray is perhaps uniquely placed to help the comedian bring their vision to life. 

Over the past seven years, Logan has notched up a wealth of experience directing comedy stage shows: from one man and one woman shows in Edinburgh, to cracking the whip with a twenty people ensemble sketch show,  performed at the Soho theatre in London (full details of all shows directed are shown on the Director's CV). Shows he has directed include the highly popular We Are Klang, whose Edinburgh shows he directed for three years in a row, culminating in their If.Comeddie nomination In 2006.

For some shows Logan has worked collaboratively - helping the cast workshop ideas and flesh out their scripts, and then firming up their performance. Other shows have had a much more traditional approach, where the comedian presents him with a first draft script and they will work on it for two to four weeks. As director, Logan can be on board from the beginning of the project, right through the technical  rehearsals, up to the preview nights and the final opening night (you can decide the level of input you want for your show). He might even fork out for the occasional cup of coffee!

There are three basic packages:

  1. Workshop and Collaboration.
    Logan can provide tutoring to work on sripts and ideas, without structured performance direction. See the tutoring section for more information on this.
  2. Plain Old Fashioned Directing.
    Directing the cast or comedian using a completed script, from initial read through to the opening night.
  3. Devising, Workshopping and Directing.
    Usually, this means workshopping the ideas over a number of months with Logan and honing the show into its final form; then taking a small break and returning to the project as a serious piece of theatre with a start date in mind (the Edinburgh Festival, for example). Logan can be there for technical rehearsals and previews, as required

Standard rates are £60 an hour; daily rates are £300 (six hours). 

Other packages are available on request - for example a fixed price can be arranged for Edinburgh show direction. 

Please contact us to discuss requirements.

Show direction CV


‘Bananageddon!’ by Men With Bananas
 ‘(In)famous for  Five Minutes’ by Alyssa Kyria
‘Reality Check’ by Eirlys Bellin
The Electric Mouse Comedy Factory Sketch Show

‘Caught in a Rabbit’s Headlights’ by Milton Jones
‘Klangbang’ by We Are Klang
‘A Spark in the Dark’ by Alyssa Kyria

‘Lesley’s Lunch Hour’ by Ruth Bratt and Kirsten O’Brien


‘Yee Ha Klang!’ by We Are Klang
‘Genius for Dummies’ by Abigail Burdess and Cicely Giddings
‘An Hour with Danielle ward and Roisin Conaty’

‘We are Klang’ by We are Klang
‘Appleby’s Journey to the 21st Century!’ by Debra Jane Appleby
‘Colin Montgomerie Stole my Life’ by Doniert Macfarlane

Show Direction Testimonials

"Logan has a directors eye, a writer's nose and best of all the out- loud laugh of a happy punter." 
Milton Jones, comedian.

"What Logan manages to do is to allow you room to play. Play with material, style, delivery, all the time easing, teasing, suggesting, encouraging, and cajouling out the best show that you have within you.
He's our comedy midwife...  
That explains it!
We wondered why he always had the kettle boiling and a pile of clean towels beside him... "

Men With Bananas (Mark Logan)

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