Stand-up Comedy Course Testimonials


Thanks to Logan I am 37% funnier.

Logan's course does not cover writing testimonials, so I'm a bit lost really.

Logan creates a relaxed and fun atmosphere for you to bare your most vile and small-minded views of the world and try to turn them into jokes.

Go on Logan's writing course. They'll be some actresses on it probably and some of them are fit as f**k. Go on Logan's writing course. If you're not a Cambridge graduate, black, female, Canadian or an addict of some kind, you'll need all the help you can get to break into the world of comedy.

For me, going into comedy without going on Logan's course would have been like riding into the battle of Waterloo on the back of an arthritic mule, armed only with a baguette. I went on Logan's course and it paid for itself just three short years!

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Having been on Logan's course I am now a better person. I didn't think that was possible. I had absolutely no idea how to take a microphone off the stand but Logan made it look easy.

His hair is incredible. 
James Branch, comedian.

"I was just starting to write comedy when I joined Logan's Amused Moose Course. Coming from an acting background, I was incredibly nervous about performing my own writing, something which I had only dabbled with at Uni and had never done solo. Logan, from the first session, instantly set me and the rest of the course at ease.

His modest and gentle manner made us all relax enough to put the best foot forward. His knowledge and experience of Comedy meant we got fantastic general advice and coaching, he also has a wonderful nack of bringing out every individual's particular comic strengths.

By the end of the course I had written half of my first Edinburgh show and also performed 'standup' in front of a room full of strangers, something I never thought that I would do. 

 Since then Logan has guided me through the terrifying/nervous-breakdown-ensuing experience that is 'the first Edinburgh show'.

I had no idea what I was doing and without Logan's direction, patience and inspiration, I would not have made it to opening night. I have subsequently got 4* reviews for both my Edinburgh shows and I have no doubt whatsoever that a huge part of that is due to Logan who helped me make them the slickest, best shows that they could be.

As a comedy mentor, director, and general fountain of knowledge I cannot recommend Logan enough!"
Alyssa Kyria, comedian
also directed by Logan in both of her shows: Alyssa Kyria: A Spark in the Dark, Alyssa Kyria: Infamous for Five Minutes.

“Logan Murray changed my life! That sounds really dramatic, but it’s true! Logan’s teaching methods are 2nd to none. He brings out the comedian in you without even trying. It’s not a “do this, do that” from of teaching, he see’s what you are about, understands it and encourages the showman within you to surface and flourish.

Within 6 months of attending Logan’s course, I become a full time professional comedian working the UK and international. That certainly would not of been possible if it hadn’t of been for this wonderful man"
Maff Brown, comedian and promoter Outside the Box comedy club

Logan is such a good teacher and mentor. ok he is funny too. What I was very pleased with was his professional approach combined with knowledge, patience and objectivity whenever he gives feedback without ever making me feel uncomfortable.
Davide Bonomi, comedian

"You always know when a new comedian has been on a Logan Murray course - they are as equipped with knowledge on how the business works, as they are confident and funny.  

He encourages performers find their own voice rather than falling in the trap of copying a well known performer's comedy style.
Claire Stroud, promoter Misfits comedy club

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The course was a fantastic experience.  Logan's unwavering positivity and support was inspirational in unlocking talent - even the most terrified students produced moments of comedy gold. 

A roller-coaster journey which takes the fear out of stand-up, then puts it back again.  Exhilarating.
Emma Reeves, comedian.

Ask any comic on the circuit who has been taught by Logan Murray and  their face will light up, compliments and praises  will spill out of their is a rare man who as an accomplished and established comedian in his own right can then leave his ego at the door of the classes he teaches...he gives so freely and generously to his students, never judging, always encouraging and bringing out the best performer in everyone who passes through his courses.

Dec 2005: Discovered the course on Google: My thoughts. Surely you can't possibly be taught how to be funny? 
Jan 2006 : Course start date when waiting nervously in turn to introduce myself: How will I cope? What if forget my name? Everyone will stare at me? All will laugh at me! 
April 2006: London Comedy Store. My name is Chris Mousicos, I coped with 400 people staring and laughing at me.......say no more.
Chris Mousicos, comedian.

 Logan is a legend. He talks about what he knows and he knows what he's talking about.
Louise Sanders, comedian

Logan's course is fun, accessible and a brilliant introduction to the art of stand-up comedy. It's full of practical advice that I didn't find in other books about stand-up comedy.

Most of the books on stand-up focus on the American scene whereas this is very much about the British circuit. As a teacher, Logan is supportive, down-to-earth and full of helpful comedy tips. If you follow Logan's advice, you'll be performing stand-up comedy in no time. 
Sean McKenna, comedian.

I arrived on Logan's course in the Autumn of 2005 with very little confidence and an absolute fear of being on stage - within a year, I was not only gigging all over the country, and preparing for my first Edinburgh show but running my own comedy clubs under the umbrella of 'Comic Angels', one of which won an award.

All this would not have been possible without  Logan's encouragement support  and belief in me.

Within the comedy world, Logan Murray is a living legend ,  he is truly loved and respected by all his students past and present....look at any of the big names on the circuit and the chances are they started theircomedy careers on one of Logan Murray’s courses....anyone who has any interest in comedy and is thinking of doing a course, please forget all the others, get taught by the best.

This man is our comedy guru, long may he rule! We salute you and thank you for all you have given us Mr Murray! You so rock!
Sajeela Kershi, comedian and promoter.

“Not only is Logan a brilliant stand up in his own right but he also has that rare talent of actually being able to teach comedy and bring out the best in a student. He is generous, encouraging and passionate about what he does. I really  can't recommend Logan Murray highly enough.” - 
Lana Citron
, comedian and author

I hadn't acted or done comedy at all before doing Logan's course but Logan's improv. games really brought me out of my shell and allowed me to break free from the 'posh Katy Bagshaw' - she works in the City you know', I portrayed to the world.

Now I get to act like a drunken moron all the time and I haven't got two shillings to rub together - I feel so free. Yesterday I jumped in front of a car - my, how we laughed! 
Katy Bagshaw,
 comedian, actor, writer.