Stand Up courses


Do you want to learn the basic principles of comedy?

Would you like to learn how easy it is to be funny?

Would you like tips for performing in front of a live crowd?

Then this voyage into the world of live comedy could be for you!

Post Show Glow

Post Show Glow

From finding your creative inspiration to learning the building blocks of jokes this workshop will help you become a better writer and performer

Logan Murray's course has, since 2000, introduced over 5,000 people to the craft of stand up comedy. Many have gone on to win major awards.

This course offers a unique opportunity to find out what a comedian’s job is like. Be warned, though: many who thought they were just doing the classes to improve their confidence or increase their public speaking skills have been bitten by the comedy bug and have given up their day jobs.



The course is very successful at uncovering the individual’s unique comic voice. The teaching breaks down into three basic areas:

  1. Performance exercises designed at encouraging spontaneity, creativity and developing your own comic style.
  2. Writing games and homework, with group feedback and tutor led suggestions to help you build up a sense of comedic grammar and hone up your writing skills.
  3. Solo work where the student’s writing, stage performance and technique is put under the microscope.
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By the end of the course you will know how to write jokes and will have the confidence to stand up on your own and make a group of total strangers laugh.

The course finishes with a non-compulsory showcase where students get to show off 5 minutes of stand-up material to friends, family and the public.