A five week long comedy writing workshop.


March: Shanghai Wellington College Arts Festival


April: Comedy Writing Day London on the 2nd ( https://www.eventbrite.com/e/logan-murrays-comedy-writing-workshop-tickets-32188554834)

Also, and there's one in Inverness on the 20th. Alas, that one is now full.


A Six week long comedy writing workshop with Logan Murray, author of 'Get Started in Stand Up Comedy'

‘There is no such thing as a bad joke, just an underdeveloped joke’

Over the past few years I've had the good fortune to run writing workshops around Europe which show professional and semi-professional writers and performers how to unlock humour from pretty much any given situation. They have proven productive for individuals and also a lot of fun, but it's been hard to find time in my schedule to organise one in London, where I do most of my other workshops. 

I had the chance to run one in January which was great fun and sped by. So, I'm dot again and adding an extra session. 

How would you like to spend six Thursday evenings being creative in a warm friendly environment, while we wait for the British Summer to show up?

Participants will be encouraged to use the techniques they learn in any medium they choose: stand up, sketch writing, sit com scenes, character monologue, even comic book writing, if they wish. 

The five three hour workshops will cover the basics of comic grammar , including afterthought, attitude, misunderstanding for comic effect, saying one thing but revealing another and – perhaps most importantly – how to mine one subject for many different comic  ideas. 

Along the way, we will look at various theories of comedy and how we can utilise them, including: Darwinian theory, Henri Bergson’s ideas, Freudian Joke models and Koestler’s theory of creativity.

Through writing games and homework, with group feedback and tutor led suggestions, you will learn how best to hone up your writing skills and how to polish up a script. 

By the end of the workshops, you will have a method for crafting comedy in most formats and a clear understanding on how to make a good idea better.

You will also laugh loads. 


(Running 18th May to 22nd June)


June 9th to 11th : Charity Comedy Workshop in Sheffield as a fund raiser for Changing Faces

This should be fun! Here's what the charity writes about the event:

'There are few things more terrifying than the prospect of performing your own stand-up comedy routine in front of a paying audience… but this could be your chance!

Over the course of a weekend, you’ll be trained and coached by the acclaimed comedy trainer and comedian Logan Murray, who runs the most successful comedy course in Europe. Having trained stand-up comedians such as Rhod Gilbert, Eddie Izzard and Andi Osho, Logan is an extremely experienced comedian in his own right, having appeared on Peep Show and many other shows on the BBC and Channel 4.

All the money you raise will help support and represent people with disfigurements across the our region.

If you’re up for facing your fear and taking to the stage please click here to sign up: https://www.changingfaces.org.uk/yorkshirecomedy

As this event is organised by the charity, we ask that each participant raises a minimum of £250 in sponsorship (we’ll support you to do this!) and pays a £30 administration fee. This ensures that more of the money you raise goes towards supporting those with visible differences and disfigurements in Yorkshire & The Humber.'


July 15th to 22nd: Comedy Writing Workshop on Skyros Island, Greece.



July 28th to 30th: Changing Faces Charity Comedy Workshop in London. (As soon as I Have a link I'll put it up but check out the June link for a rough idea)

Please feel free to get in touch for more information about any of these events.