Corporate Workshops

Logan Murray is available to teach corporate workshops which are geared towards team-building, increasing confidence, better public speaking or simply having fun! Whatever your requirements, be it a one afternoon or one week course, in-house or offsite, we can tailor something to suit. Workshops are often ended with a showcase - this can include students from your company and/or professional comedians who have been taught by Logan

Clients include the BBC, Lloyds TSB, Bluefrog Ltd. and Vanguard UK Ltd.

Following is a sample workshop outline - this can be changed as required to suit the individual business:

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The course is designed to help confidence building, creativity and teamwork. You will learn how to be funny without really trying, and how to deliver under pressure. You may even decide to give up your day job! We will be exploring the rudiments of comedy through games and writing, culminating in a series of readings and recitals.

PART ONE: Who are you?

We will play a number of games designed to unlock the creative communicator that lies within each of us, but which is usually buried under a weight of mundane trivia. We will examine Status Dynamics in groups to learn how to avoid becoming trapped in a role that makes us less productive (and less fulfilled!). We will learn to play with Attitude, to find the humour in any situation. We will learn to look and listen in greater detail to the way people say things.

PART TWO: Learning to Stand Up

We will learn to match thought with deed, so that we can communicate exactly the message we are trying to convey. It’s no good trying to be bold if you’re taking an involuntary step backwards! Learn to play the moment rather than being embedded in the past. Corporate comedy tuition Find out how the person everyone believes you to be prevents you from being the person you really are. Eliminate the deadwood! Learn to communicate with clarity, conviction and humour.

PART THREE. Putting on a Show

Applying everything we’ve learnt to improve our performance. Writing (and performing) some material that will prove how funny you really are. Learn how easy it is to make people laugh with your own written material: never again will you have to say in a speech “I am reminded of the story…”! Learn the structure of Jokes. Learn to write one-liners and monologues that are good enough to be performed at Comedy Clubs