Feedback from BBC Workshops:

"Good interactivity, made me aware how I can set the tone positively or negatively by my body language, stance etc etc, and have already put this into practice."
"Really enjoyed the free-flowing way the workshop was run and the chance to role-play and interact with other attendees. The exercises really made me think and I will carry the ideas and techniques used into my daily life."
"All very enjoyable, especially the making jokes bit at the end, kind of demonstrated something you already know but don't really explore enough." 
"I enjoyed the workshop what I most enjoyed was the analysis of what comedy entails, similar events perhaps covering writing might be equally enjoyable." 

Feedback from Lloyds TSB Workshops:

"I’ve had great feedback from the team. It was certainly a very challenging session and I think the majority of people found it tough in places. However, I really thought that the final role plays were pretty good and to get everyone to that stage was a real achievement." 
"It was very interesting for me to see the way people reacted to some of the things we did (both positively and negatively) and it was great to see that the person I was most concerned about coped really well – and even (amazingly) demonstrated she had a sense of humour."

Feedback from Bluefrog Ltd. Workshops:

"The feedback I've had has been really positive, ranging from: 'Phenomenal' to 'The best training session I have ever been on'. That's not something I hear very often here, so congratulations." 
Robert Owen

Feedback from Jeremy Garratt - Garratt Homes Spanish Property:

"Logan’s Corporate Workshops provide a thoroughly engaging, challenging and rewarding alternative to the standard motivational or team building courses on offer.
The dynamic, entertaining approach encourages quick and creative thinking whilst developing the skills needed in planning and executing presentations and public speaking.
All participants benefit from a greater understanding of the role played by humour in our daily lives and the group as a whole is imbued with a confidence, energy and focus they can apply in a working environment.
Above all, the workshop is a unique, enjoyable and invigorating experience that leaves everyone on a high. I have no hesitation in fully recommending it to groups or individuals."